Description Text, Definition, Function, Structure And Example About Palembang Central Mosque

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 Structure And Example About Palembang Central Mosque Description Text, Definition, Function, Structure And Example About Palembang Central Mosque
Descripsion text is one of type of paragraph that is common. Definition of text description can be interpreteded as a form of essay that describes an object to the reader. This time to will be discussed about the definition, stucture, function, characteristics of description text and also examples of description text. Decription text is one of genre of text. Descripsion text is a text that describes or exsposes a particular object through words that can stimulate the five sense so that the reader as if watching of feeling the object described by the author himself.
The function of description text is to describe a particular person, place or thing.
Generic stuctur of description text are:
1.       Identification is  identifies phenomenon to be decribed.
2.       Description are describes part, qualities and characteristics.
Language features of description text are:
1.       Focus on specific participants
2.       Use of attribut and identifying processes.
3.       Frequent use clasifiers in nominal group.
4.       Use of the simple present tense.
Example of description text about place.
Theme: Old and New
Palembang Central Mosque
Palembang Central Mosque is the religious activities central of Moslem community in palembang. Also this mosque is one of historical artifacts from Palembang Sultanate which built on year 1748 by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I Jaya Wikrama. At first, this mosque had size 30×36 m square. There are four side which serves as its entrance except the west side for mihrab. Its roof using three stages with flower-shape pod on its edge.
Its architecture is combination between western and eastern. Its middle roof architecture similar to chinnese pogodas, its veranda  (front terrace) like the classical Greek-Dorik architecture with calligraphy decoration. After several times renovation, the mosque is able to accommodate 9.000 visitor with size 42×54 meters and maximum 15.000 visitor added. The tower was built in 1753 with 6 sides and 30 meter high and the diameter is 3 meter.

Renovation in 1947.

Now. The tower is 45 meter high with 12 sides.