Materi Kuliah Bahasa Inggris Untuk Mahasiswa, Sample Detailed Outline

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Materi Kuliah Bahasa Inggris Untuk Mahasiswa Materi Kuliah Bahasa Inggris Untuk Mahasiswa, Sample Detailed Outline
To make detailed outline is,  after going through your sources and taking notes, you can create a detailed outline by adding details to your basic outline as well as adding any new points that you found.  A detailed outline plans each body paragraph of your paper for you, from main point to supporting points to supporting details.

The steps to follow when making your outline:

a.      First, make changes to your basic outline’s thesis and main points until you are satisfied with your ideas and the order of your sections.
b.      Then go through your notes and find supporting points for each section of your outline.
c.       Organize the supporting points in each section.
d.      Go through your notes and add supporting details (facts, examples, expert opinion, descriptions, quotes, etc.) to each point.
e.       Now, based on the amount of supporting points and details in each section, you can determine how many paragraphs you will need.
f.      Divide your outline into paragraphs, each with a main point written in sentence form (preliminary topic sentence) and list of supporting points and details.
Thesis: smoking is very dangerous for healt.
I . introduction
Smoking habits have become a culture in various nations around the world. The majority of smokers around the world 47% are male populations while 12% are female population with various age categories.
ll. Body- section one
  1. Definition of Cigarettes
  2. Definition of smoking
  3. Cigarette danger & Impact
1) Respiratory problems and diseases.
2) Interfering with the development of intelligence
3) Hyperactivity and fatigue;
4) Brain cancer 22%
5) Leukemia
6) Infection of the ear
7) Sudden death syndrome
lll. Body- section two
 Factors Causing Children to Smoking
 1. Social Factors
 2. Needs to suck and chew
 3. Automatic Repeating Response
 4. Genetic Factors
 5.  Addiction to nerve cells
.IV. Body section three
 Ways to Overcome and Avoid Children from Cigarettes.
1. Try to discuss.
2. Emphasize to children about what is right and not about what is wrong.
3. Encourage children to engage in activities that prohibit smoking.
4. It’s important to keep talking to children about the dangers of using cigarettes for years.
5. Ask the child what is interesting and not interesting about cigarettes, try to be a patient listener.
Today cigarettes are already rampant and can not be stopped from spreading, we also cannot just let go of the danger caused by cigarettes. Because it is clear that cigarettes have a lot of negative side in their use. So  From the examples of the above Danger it is clear that smoking is very negative for children both from physiological aspects and psychological aspects